Quaestiones Disputatae: Quodlibet I

As part of a forthcoming endeavor, I am launching a new program of Quaestiones disputatae.  More details will be shared on this new program in the near future.  Right now, however, I would like to draw attention explicitly to the public-facing part of this program, the quodlibetal question.

Quodlibetal questions were a special form of disputation in the Latin age university, where any member of the public could propose a question for the master to answer (examples may be found here: https://dhspriory.org/thomas/QDquodlib.htm).

Continuum Philosophical Insight is reviving this practice–with a focus on philosophy, rather than theology–through the new digital paradigm. This is the first quodlibet, open to the public. Please feel free to submit any serious questions you have. The date to submit is 8/4/2019; answers will be given via video recording by the end of August.

You can submit your questions here:


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