Literature & Philosophy – Part 2 [15 Minute Insight]

Part 2 of the Literature and Philosophy 15 Minute Insight series–this time, looking at the nature of storytelling media and their effects on our psychological faculties and habits.

This evocation of thought by literature is something we perhaps seldom notice in the moment that we are reading the literature itself; that is, we do not think about our thinking-about-what-we-are-reading, while we are in fact thinking-about-that-what-we-are-reading.  Or, put otherwise, we can say that there are two levels of thinking here: one, a thinking which engages the reading directly, and two a thinking about that first thinking.  When we are engaged in the first level of thinking, we are not ordinarily very aware of the fact that we are thinking at that moment.  Usually, if that thinking-about-literature is noticed at all, it is in reflection

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