CPI Lyceum Platform

ANNOUNCING the Continuum Philosophical Insight Lyceum: bringing thinking beyond academia through the digital paradigm. A brief post summarizing an argument for better digital habits.

The internet stormed into many of our lives—and has always been there for some others of us—without a careful consideration of what it is, culturally speaking, or what it does to us. The results have been many bad habits; but also, in recent years, a realization(albeit a slow-dawning one): namely, that our culture has become unquestioningly partisan and thoughtless in many aspects of its behavior. The “global village” has been—is being—abandoned, producing roving and hostile tribes of ideologues. Our civilization is collapsing; not in the sense of its infrastructure, but in the sense of its thinking. These are strange times: one part the fall of Rome, one part the sophistry of Athens. A gilded age of intellectual collapse and obscurantism. It is not the best digital life we could be living.

What I am proposing therefore—my idea—is an online platform for instilling better habits, especially of careful thinking, and not just the preservation of truth, but its strengthening. This isn’t a program, a course, a certification process, nor simply a place to find content to passively consume, but rather something to become a part of one’s life: a digital medium that directs one towards the development of perfective human habits, chiefly those concerned with our pursuit and love of the truth.

Please check out the Lyceum Page and stay tuned for announcements concerning two seminars this fall!

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