Real Education for a Digital World

We live in a new world.  No matter your city, state, province, or country, you live in this world too.  It is a world where everything is different; for it is a world in which we are different.  Human beings have always dwelt through technological means of interacting with their environments–whether that technology be automobiles, electric light, farming equipment, or even language–and these technological means instill habits of environmental attunement.

Today, we are immersed in technology of the digital; and it has instilled habits deep within our psychology, in many ways of which we are not yet aware.  Navigating this new digital world requires a new approach to education, and this is what the Lyceum Institute offers.  You can read the founding document of the Institute here.

There are many problems with our present-day institutions of education.  Most importantly, with rare exception, “higher education” has ceased to offer reasonable, affordable, and proven instruction for learning how to think.  The habit of living a life of examination suffocates under the pressure to receive good grades and stand out on the job market.  Professors who seek truly to teach their students are remonstrated by administrators who have never stood in front of a classroom.  Real education has been stifled in the “real world”.

Yet I believe we can bring real education back to life in the digital world.  The digital is always with us; and through it, we can form new habits of living inquisitively and thoughtfully.  We can immerse ourselves in a community of fellow inquirers.  We can enable good thinkers to break free from the clutches of institutional academia.  And we can seek to preserve and make accessible the best insights of human inquiry through the innate archival capabilities of networked digital technologies.

The Lyceum Institute provides this real education not as a program or course, but as an affordable, flexible, and accessible platform where great minds come together to offer a continually-improving and continually-expanding wealth of studies.


Your support will make a growth of the Lyceum Institute possible.  If you cannot afford to contribute now, consider sharing this post with others.

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