Problems with Neuroreductionism

A short, fifteen minute audio recording on the problems with neuroreductive ("you are just your brain!") explanations of human experience.  I'll probably do more of these "fifteen minute insights" in the future.

[UPDATE 5/9] Two Upcoming Seminars: Aquinas & Heidegger

[Update 5/9: see below for new pricing and participant caps.] Beginning next month, I will be conducting two online seminars: Thomas Aquinas: Wisdom and Synthesis To understand the thought of Thomas Aquinas is to grasp concepts far removed from the ways of thinking common today.  In few issues is this more obvious than Thomas’ cosmological …

Artificial Intelligence & Concept Formation

The text of this talk (given 19 March 2019 at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI) is now available here.  I'll be recording a video of myself presenting it (audio recording did not work out during the initial presentation) sometime in the near future as well.