[2020 Summer] Ethics: Sex

Seminar: In the word “sex” there is contained a twofold signification: the bifurcated biological nature of the individual and the complementary action toward which that birfucated nature is ordered. This seminar will study both significations, as two parts of a continuous whole, within the existence of the human person. This examination of sex in the light of personhood will be guided by a reading of Saint John Paul II’s Love & Responsibility, written while he was serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków in 1960.

[2020 Summer] Heidegger: Phenomenological Method II

Seminar: Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological method, unlike Husserl’s, does not rely upon a scientific precision. Nor, like Max Scheler’s, is it merely an attitude of considering the relational value of “the things themselves”. Rather, it is a persistent, recursive, reflective investigation that seeks to disclose the reality of what is in all its cognoscible dimensions.

CPI Lyceum Platform

ANNOUNCING the Continuum Philosophical Insight Lyceum: bringing thinking beyond academia through the digital paradigm. A brief post summarizing an argument for better digital habits. The internet stormed into many of our lives—and has always been there for some others of us—without a careful consideration of what it is, culturally speaking, or what it does to …

Updates & New Recording

Lots has been happening behind the scenes on the Continuum front (and a related project).  The major development--to drop a little tease--is a new digital platform for philosophical engagement and habit-building.  It's still a little ways away from launching officially, but I'm excited about the prospects.  Aside from that, I have several other updates: First, …

[UPDATE 5/9] Two Upcoming Seminars: Aquinas & Heidegger

[Update 5/9: see below for new pricing and participant caps.] Beginning next month, I will be conducting two online seminars: Thomas Aquinas: Wisdom and Synthesis To understand the thought of Thomas Aquinas is to grasp concepts far removed from the ways of thinking common today.  In few issues is this more obvious than Thomas’ cosmological …