[2020 Summer] Ethics: Sex

Seminar: In the word “sex” there is contained a twofold signification: the bifurcated biological nature of the individual and the complementary action toward which that birfucated nature is ordered. This seminar will study both significations, as two parts of a continuous whole, within the existence of the human person. This examination of sex in the light of personhood will be guided by a reading of Saint John Paul II’s Love & Responsibility, written while he was serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków in 1960.

Seminar: Thomistic Psychology – Action Theory

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, the Continuum Philosophical Insight Lyceum began a project of “Retrieving Thomistic Psychology” with an eight-week seminar that laid the foundations of an understanding that avoids the pitfalls of modern psychology.  Now, in the Winter of 2020, a following “Thomistic Psychology - Action Theory” seminar will investigate the various operations …